Monday, August 7, 2017

IN MEMORIAM ~with thanks~

On August 1, two of our resident seniors journeyed across the Rainbow Bridge. Lexi was surrendered 3 yrs ago at age 12. Cattle Dog Strong, she hated dogs but loved people, and refused to let her medical issues dampen her spirit. Sam was Shelter King for 4 yrs. He did not want to leave and who could tell him to go? His big voice carried across the property and will be missed.

Shelter tradition is to bury our dearly departed, but burying a Great Dane is a...huge...challenge. We wish to thank Family Pet Cremation of Birmingham for taking care of our Sam with great compassion. Never did they treat Sam as "just a shelter dog," and he wasn't. They both were family.

[Lexi photo by Sophie Gamand]