Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Kelsee ("brave one") Needs Help!!

Kelsee saved us, but we were unable to save her.
Last night, Kelsee wanted food, and we were so optimistic. But this morning, she struggled to breathe. She was held in the vet tech's loving arms until she quietly passed away.
Peace, brave one.
Shown with her in this photo are some of the recent neglect cases we will be here to help thanks to her, and thanks to you.


HELP!! KELSEE fought to live. We MUST fight to save her.

She was found in the middle of the road. Animal control thought she was dead. But somehow, brave Kelsee was breathing. So they called the shelter.

Calhoun County Humane Society is BEYOND BROKE but, even on the verge of bankruptcy, we seem to have more compassion than sense. So we said, let's try.

Our funds can't afford to say yes, but our hearts can't afford to say no. PLEASE HELP.

The Animal Shelter, 1201 Parkwood Dr, Anniston AL 36201