Tuesday, August 15, 2017


Quincy and his wonderful adoptive mom made magic happen this weekend!

Earlier this year, Quincy took his turn on Susie's Senior Dogs. His patient applicant had to wait after the bad news that he was high heartworm positive. It was decided to treat him here, rather than put him under the stress of a move then treatment. How lucky that delay was, for THREE other shelter residents!

When it was time to come get her guy, adopter Jennifer shared our album with her Colorado friends. One set of friends fell hard for our sweet senior Sally, who has been stood up no fewer than four times. But not this time!

At the last second, beautiful Lady O caught another wonderful Coloradan's eye and heart. She climbed on board, too!

Last but absolutely not least, kitty Arlo - a loving little guy but beset by health issues - grabbed a seat (all the K9 riders were kitty friendly). These Alabamians are now happy in Colorado!

[Quincy and Lady O photos by Sophie Gamand]