Wednesday, March 11, 2015


UPDATE 4/14: Homecoming!

Some of our long-term dogs are here by choice. Sam and Tyke wouldn't leave if you bribed them with prime rib. Bella will go on a hunger strike outside her "home" kennel. Such was not the case for Pepper, whose winning smile has brightened our adoption listings for 5 full years.
Why so long? We don't know. She LOVES people and it shows. It seemed she just had rotten luck. Until recently, when she was posted on Susie's Senior Dogs facebook page.

After going through apps, having one chosen adopter have to pull out because, well, life happens, and going through more apps, the wonderful Bekah Covell has taken on the challenge of bringing Pepper to Massachusetts. MA has stringent - and pricey - rules for out of state dogs. To support all those extra expenses, we are sharing Bekah's fundraiser. Have no fear, Pepper has a home one way or the other. But we want Bekah's funds to go for dog beds and chew bones and a stylin' collar and leash for our gal, not silly government fees. So, if Pepper's story moves you, please consider helping bring Pepper home.