Friday, August 14, 2015

A TIME OF NEED: $2 Tribute in memory of Sherman

Friends, can you spare $2? Can half of you spare just $2 to keep the shelter going, to keep it free to help dogs like Sherman?

I don't do this often and I don't do it well: ask for help. The shelter rushed Sherman to the vet without a thought, despite its own financial troubles. That's how we roll...animals first. 

But sometimes the bills need to come first. Right now, the power bill from this mercilessly hot summer has been too high, and the power company - tho they have heart - well, they need paid. 

No power means no fans. It means no washer/dryer. It means no hot water. In other words, it means no shelter. 

I am using Sherman's fundraiser because I think it is a fitting way to remember this innocent boy. He is a symbol of why this shelter is so needed (already this shelter is one of three jam-packed shelters in Calhoun County. Imagine if there were only two.) 

Three ways to give:
Paypal is right over there =========>
Mail:  The Animal Shelter, 1201 Parkwood Drive, Anniston AL  36201

Our dogs in need this year: