Thursday, May 14, 2015

Cruelty Case Updates


When you look at him now, it's hard to believe it has been only one month since this boy was lying at death's door (because he was certainly too weak to stand at it). RIPLEY, you *have* come a long way!!  Special thanks to his cheering squad, and to those who contributed the funds to help us fight for him. He still needs to build stamina and he will need heartworm treatment.

MAEVE (formerly "Granny")  ***TRANSFERRED TO RESCUE***

Our update on "Granny" is a mixed bag. As you can see, her eye and skin infections are clearing up nicely. But having puppies completely depleted what little body fat she had left. She needs special food and supplements to strengthen her. [ProPlan puppy food and ProPlan salmon canned, donations welcome! Available at PetSmart.] Tragically, her puppies did not receive what they needed in her womb or from her milk, and most were not able to survive, even bottle fed. Five (of 13) warrior puppies remain. In honor of her mighty battle, Granny has a new name:  Maeve. This warrior is full of love and her tail wags a mile a minute. She is truly amazing.

Look who's in the market for a home? Truman is ready! He's not looking for much - a pat on the head, a "good boy," food every day, and a fenced yard so he will never be chained or tethered again. Let's find this boy the happiest of furever homes!